4HughManatee LLC Creates An Icon So Humanity Gets A Cohesive Message

The banner you see above can help your company or organization gain positive public relations as "being green" becomes more mainstream. Hugh Manatee has the endearing appeal of "Smokey Bear",  the potential for the international acceptance of the Olympic Rings, and the take-away from the Paris Agreement.  Hugh Manatee can have the impact to help fight global warming.

This critter is a manatee and his name being "Hugh" sounds like the word "humanity"  when you put it all together. The sustainability of our planet is at stake with the rise of carbon and methane in our atmosphere, so we need to save humanity and Hugh Manatee can help. 

Scientists say the warming up of the planet is due to the parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere. It should be around 350 ppm but has risen to 403 ppm, causing record-breaking weather and environmental consequences. The USA is one of the biggest contributors to climate change due to humans burning fossil fuels. Whether you believe the science or not, the fact remains that many organizations and scientists are sounding the clarion call to do something about it. That is where Hugh Manatee comes in.

Will you take the lead and promote this icon next to your own graphics to help earth's inhabitants better understand climate change and what they can do about it?

The imperatives you promote are to be applauded. Whether you are already an activist and are part of 350.org, Greenpeace, Carbon War Room, Climate Reality Project, NRDC, WWF, UNFCCC, or someone supporting the educational process through your films, books, or lectures, you are spreading the message. But is it possible for people to be over-saturated with the environmental messages, the charts and news reports of drought, deluges of rain, wildfires, hurricanes/typhoons and sea level rise? People may welcome a simple graphic like Hugh Manatee to steer them to take more measures to help fight climate change.

The political season has put the planet in further jeopardy with the recent U.S. election and executive orders are reinstating the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Now more than ever, the message must reach every voter in a form they can understand.

It takes political will to vote for candidates who take climate change seriously and understand that the science is not a hoax. Too many politicians bend to fossil fuel lobbyists whose influence on legislation favorable to the fossil fuel industry grease the campaign coffers for their reelection as a "thank you gift."  It took a long time to convince people that the earth is not flat. We have the same resistance when it comes to convincing people that we need to switch to alternative, renewable fuel sources or the planet will not sustain life as we know it for future generations.

By establishing this icon through a licensing program, your company or organization can proudly display this icon on your advertising. Your customers, shareholders and advocates will understand that you stand for making earth-friendly choices which afford them the opportunity to fight climate change. People will feel good about doing business with you and that can mean great public relations and, if you sell products and not just activism, but sales of green goods!

Become a "Friend of Hugh Manatee" with our licensing program and our after-expenses profits go toward the donation of books/DVDs to school libraries so the kids can learn about ecology, global warming, and how to help preserve the sustainability of planet Earth.

Join us today! Visit the CONTACT US page. Be recognized on our list so people will know your company cares about the only place we can call home...Earth. Put a hyperlink from your Website to our "Friends of Hugh Manatee" page once you become a licensee. Show your customers you care and display this icon everywhere you sell or display your green products or promote your earth-friendly services. 

As a participating licensee*, you can instill more credibility behind your corporate name when you support actions that help the planet. Now, more than ever, we need people to do good things for humanity.

* Applicants must document what they are doing that is earth-friendly. Recycling, switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, using sustainable materials, generally lowering their carbon footprint. Oil, gas, coal and other companies whose main business is about fossil fuels need not apply.

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